The Terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel - Coutrney & Ram

The Terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel is one of my favorite venues in the City. The walls are adorned with fabulous modern art by likes of Andy Warhol and Daniem Hirst. That plus all the vintage metal windows, plants and tea lights add up to a vibe that simply drips with chic bohemian charm. 

Courtney and Ram are a couple who clearly love a good party with their friends, but, more than that, they are a couple who value their families above all. For this reason, they had a gorgeous intimate ceremony decorated by celery and celadon and where Courtney's nieces were dressed in traditional India garb- an nod to Ram's heritage. With in 20 minutes of the ceremony's end, the doors opened to over 200 of their closest friends who guaranteed a party that wouldn't stop.